Monday, April 18, 2011

Family and friends

We’ve loved our first month here, where it was mostly about the three of us discovering new people, places and experiences. Now it feels like that first phase is coming to an end, and a new phase of sharing what we’ve discovered is beginning. Family and friends will come to stay with us at regular intervals until the end of our time here in Sicily. Our first guests arrived last Thursday and they have allowed us to experience the beauty of this place with fresh eyes all over again.

We’ve been eating the wonderful spread of antipasti at the local restaurant and saw the same expressions of pleasure on their faces as they tried all the local delicacies for the first time. We’ve been to the sea-side and saw the same reactions upon seeing the endless stretch of azure blue. We’ve been to the nearby towns and recognized the same looks of disbelief about the narrow streets without pavements and the crazy driving. We also introduced them to our friends at the Pasticceria, who immediately treated them as their own family with jokes, lots of dolci, coffees and home made ice cream.

Since it would be a shame for them not to see any of the historic sites we recommended that they take a trip to the Valley of the Temples. Today they decided to explore a little further a field on their own and have taken a daytrip to Mount Etna. Tomorrow we’re all going to visit Palermo to do some shopping and enjoy coffees and Cassata whilst watching the world go by.

Mini has been slightly confused by the sudden addition of new people to the house and when she’s tired our arms are now the only safe place to be. Apart from that she seems to have enjoyed all the attention and the new playmates so much so that according to her play-time should start at 7am and not 10am like usual. But who minds that when there is wonderful Italian coffee to grab once the missed sleep makes itself noticed?

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