Saturday, May 14, 2011

Afternoons at the beach

As the weather has gotten much warmer during the last week, we have started spending more time at the beach and less in the car. We still take the odd trips to nearby cities to do some shopping, wander around or have some lunch, but not like before. We’ve settled into something of a daily routine; a morning walk into the village to buy bread from the bakery, lunch-time spent in the cool shade of our home or with our friends at the pasticceria and afternoons at the beach.

We probably should make the most of the gentler morning sun, but since we’re not all early risers, we prefer to enjoy the beach after the midday heat has passed. Mini is so fond of the beach (and especially the sea) that she jumps and jiggles with excitement every time she sees the endless blue water and the sand stretched in front of it. She loves playing with her hands and feet in the sand and very proudly gives us little presents consisting of stones, shells and algaes.

Most of all she loves it when we play the game of escaping from the foaming waves hitting the shore and she can bathe her feet in the cool water. It is really wonderful to experience the beach through the eyes of an eleven months old and we couldn’t be happier when we get to spend another afternoon at the beach.

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