Sunday, March 20, 2011

New places

It’s been a week since we first arrived in Sicily and although we’re taking it very “piano” we already feel like we’ve experienced so much. These last few days we’ve been exploring the towns around our village and have been taken by their genuine charm. First on the list was Scaccia, which, like many towns and villages around here, sits precariously on a hill. It offers stunning views down to its harbour and out across the light blue sea.

Scaccia is mostly famous for its beautiful painted ceramics, but also for its old churches and historic sites. Though it seems like everywhere you go around here is a historic site!

After a nice walk around the town and an even nicer lunch in an osteria, we braved the climb (by car) up to the top of the mountain that looms behind the town. After slowly climbing the long and twisty road we arrived at the top and were treated to an even more breathtaking view across Sciacca and down to the sea. The wind was blowing so fiercely at the top that we had to hold onto the railing or each other, to avoid being blown over.

The next day we headed into the other direction towards the city of Agrigento, the largest town in this part of Sicily. Also on a hill, and also with narrow streets where pedestrians, speeding mopeds and cars all try to share the same space, the town seemed impressive, although not as welcoming as Sciacca. Maybe this impression was purely our fault, since we arrived when everything was closed for the daily siesta. Just below the town lies one of the most famous archaeological sites of the region, the “Valle dei templi”. The remains of five Greek temples in various stages of ruin are spread across a 3km plain. Since it was late in the afternoon we only drove past this time, but we promised to be back equipped with good shoes, sun hats and lots of water. Although, considering how hot it is getting already, maybe a gelato would be a more appropriate cooling aid – perhaps they should put up a temple for ice-cream. I know that I’d worship there.

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