Friday, March 25, 2011

Palermo at a glance

For the first eleven days of our stay in Sicily our little “mini” has had four adults caring, playing and comforting her since her grandparents (i.e. farmor & farfar for the Swedish speakers) also joined us in Italy. Unfortunately yesterday they went back to England, so before waving them off at Palermo airport, we took the opportunity to take a quick visit into the city.

Haven gotten used to the tranquillity and size of the small villages around our home, Palermo reminded us what a big city looks and sounds like. Cars and mopeds were speeding along side one another competing for non-existent space, using their horns very liberally seemingly for no reason at all. From our quick drive through the city we spotted large avenues, interesting architecture and definitely more shops to spend your money in than near where we’re staying.

Since we only had about an hour to spend in the city and also needed to have lunch, we decided after a few minutes of walking to sit down at a place on a narrow restaurant street, underneath balconies with drying laundry!

The place that had won our trust was held by a true Italian “mama” who was inviting people to her home made spread of typical Sicilian specialities.

Unfortunately the food looked much better than it tasted and only two of us were content with their choices, so we ended up wandering off shortly, in the search for a place to have coffees in the sun.

The coffee place we discovered turned out to be a much better find and we enjoyed a lovely half an hour drinking delicious espressos and making conversation with the people around us. Unfortunately our time in the city passed all too quickly. After dropping the grandparents off at the airport and seeing Palermo disappearing in our rear-view mirror, we agreed that we must return soon, and see the city at more than just at a glance.

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