Friday, June 17, 2011


They say that all good things must come to an end, and that’s indeed the case for our dolce vita in Sicily. After three wonderful months we sadly bid goodbye to this beautiful part of the world that had become our home.

We spent the last evening at the pizzeria we went to at the very beginning of our stay, but now it felt like all the people who were strangers then had become our friends, all gathered to say goodbye and wish us well.

As is often the case when you’ve lived somewhere for a while, the hardest part is to leave the people that you’ve become close to. In our case this was the pasticceria family who had so generously had taken us into their lives and their hearts.

We had a wonderful time in Sicily, more so than we ever imagined. We’ve seen beautiful places and learned new things; we got a glimpse of the Sicilian lifestyle and were amazed by people’s kindness and their generosity. We had many wonderful culinary and cultural experiences; we had probably the best cannolis in the world and the best pizzas of our lives. We came close to getting into more than one accident on the roads, and were fortunate to make it through the three months without a scratch! We stayed on the beach and played in the sea, we danced with the locals and went to parties, we shopped at the market and bargained with the sellers. We abandoned television but enjoyed each other’s company more than ever. We constantly felt like lottery winners since we got to experience every day together with our little darling. We saw her grow and get more self-confident, we saw her starting to communicate and develop a personality - more than anything we saw how much she thrived in Sicily.

Now our adventure has come to an end and we have to return to reality. We console ourselves and our Sicilian friends with the thought that everyday that we’re apart is one day closer to when we’ll meet again. Until then, arrividerci!

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