Thursday, June 9, 2011

The drought

Part of the original concept of our holiday in Sicily was the idea of getting back to basics - simple food and simple living. That’s why we weren’t worried about the house we’re staying in having a water tank, instead of being connected to a mains supply. There was something charming about having to check how much water was left and ordering a water truck at the village Tabacchi when the tank started to run low.

Normally we would have water within a couple of days after asking for it, so we weren’t concerned about only having a quarter of a tank left. However, nine days after we ordered the refill, we still hadn’t received it and we started to get worried, especially since we had family and friends joining us soon. After enquiring at the Tabacchi we learned that the communal truck had broken down but was soon to be fixed.

As the water level in the tank got lower and lower, we went from being careful with how much water we were using, to being extreme water savers. In hindsight it was quite comical when we all turned into the water police, eating out of disposable plates, cooking with mineral water and sharing flushes (yes, we did!). We got everybody to “raggarduscha” and we were already making plans for how we will shower with mineral water or in the local village fountain.

Luckily it didn’t come to that. Eventually, when it became clear that the truck wasn’t going to be fixed any time soon, we managed to negotiate with the people in the Tabbachio for another water supplier. It was with great relief that we saw this new water truck finally arrive to deliver its precious payload. It didn’t arrive a moment too soon, since we had guests coming for mini’s birthday party just a few hours later.

One thing is for certain, water isn't something we'll be taking for granted from now on!

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  1. sounds very worrying - even discussing ones toilet habits is very unbritish, let alone sharing flushes. Italy has certainly changed you :) I remember staying in a village in Romania for 3 or 4 days in which we'd push a cart to a well to get water each morning. A few hours on a plane and people live very different lives, possibly without access to a source of clean water. I'm extra happy for my shower and tea this morning.